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Thailand Guide

Littering a dark and dreary road lay the past relics of Thailand’s tourism industry. Everything from scamming Tuk-tuk drivers to fake gem manufacturers and dodgy property developers.

Today, we must clear the mind of past practices. Tourism and business enlightenment has been achieved here at Thailand’s Tailor-made Tour Services thanks to the tireless efforts and integrity of the guides that make up our team.

This great Thailand Guide invite you to relax and meditate on the important lessons to be learnt from Thai culture and the Buddhist faith that en-thrown values such as respect, honesty, tolerance and above all service. By ensuring that Tailor-made tour guides have adopted these principles, we are able to ensure that our team will make your trip to Thailand a success, whether it’s a sightseeing trip around Bangkok, or an exploratory business trip to the provinces, you can be sure that your trip to Thailand will be a happy, memorable and productive one when you employ one of our guides to assist you.

thailand guide
thailand guide

Begin to see with clarity, what can be achieved in an enjoyable and peaceful fashion when you choose the right tour service.  Learn how to get around Thailand and Bangkok in a time-sensitive and invigorating fashion, whether your budget is big or small.  Become one with the Thai’s and there beautiful country,  go with the flow yet get many things done, that’s what we here to assist you with.

Thailand for travellers

There is clearly a need for westerners visiting Thailand be it for tourism, business or health, to obtain level’s of service that match those that you are used to in your home country. Tailor Made Tour Guides  aims to excite, inspire, and encourage our guests, with a blend of Thai warmth and respect, with western standards of service. As you look around our website it will illustrate that we do not run rigid “one size fits all” sight seeing trips or offer the same old dull way of doing things. Rather we specialize in time and cost effective solutions, tailor made to you, that ensure you can see as much of Bangkok and Thailand as you like, even on a short trip and accomplish your business objectives in the quickest and most cost effective fashion.

Thailand’s many attractions can be visited on a shoestring for those on a budget or in complete luxury if your looking for a more romantic experience, or need to impress corporate clients,  we don’t limit your choices, which is why we offer several different levels of service, please see the service guide to understand how this work’s.

Thailand Tours

When you appoint us to organize your time in Thailand, our guide is at your complete disposal to execute the agreed itinerary for the hours of the day you requested in your tailor made quotation. Our team member is there to facilitate the smooth running of your trip, so although plans may have been made, equally your guide can help you change those plans just as easily. Your guide will advise you if your impromptu requests are practical, or make suggestions how to reschedule an itinerary in the most efficient way, if they are not.

Tips for go to Thailand

The benefits of taking up a private guide or assistant and a tailor-made service are as follows:-

  • Save Time and Money – Many visitors are under the illusion that they can save money by avoiding tour services. In fact quite often the opposite often transpires, when they take unfruitful journey’s that fail to get them to their desired destination, or once at the destination they miss vital elements of the experience, often only finding out later they missed something important.
  • Flexibility- If you do wish to have an adventure “On the Hoof” it helps to know how to get things done otherwise you might find yourself going around in circles!
  • Personal attention and assistance – When you want or need a question answered, there is someone there on hand to assist you.
  • Make travel arrangements seamlessly and with ease – Do you know Bangkok’s Roads? The quickest way to get from A to B considering the latest traffic issues?
  • Travel and make decisions based on up to date advice (not out of date guidebooks or old news) – Guide Books are fine, but how quickly things change!
  • Avoid the pitfalls that unguided travelers and business people experience – Whatever your goals you’ll find them far more easily achieved with the support of a guide or assistant.